Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Blogging As Typing, Not Journalism is a comment piece that I completely agree with. However, these days even most journalism isn't journalism. Blogs don't have any accountability. When CBS is found to have run a story based on fraudulent documents, there is a great deal of recrimination, and CBS retracts the story. If a blog runs the same story it is unlikely that the blogger will ever admit the error, and put out a retraction.

On the other hand, journalists are supposed to be our filter of the news, and ask the tough questions. They have completely abdicated the first responsibility for this since the days when OJ claimed about 50% of the journalism output on anyt given day. And they have completely abdicated the second responsibility since President Bush came to office. I'm not sure when journalism schools made an entire course on the softball question, but it's been getting worse and worse. The blogs don't live up to the standards of journalism, but they are engaged in asking some valid questions that the media ignores. The biggest problem with blogs is that to get a less partial view of any issue you have to go to a large variety of sources. Otherwise you run the risk of hearing only what you want to hear.


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