Saturday, August 14, 2004

One of the hallmarks of a good article is that it makes you reconsider your own views. Which makes"Hating Dick Cheney: The new national pastime is as puzzling and unsatisfying as watching baseball" a very good article indeed. While I am kind of puzzled by the hatred a lot of liberals seem to feel for George W. Bush, I harbored the sneaking suspicion that Dick Cheney was some kind of evil genius. I mean, he commissioned a secret energy task force that's only made up of major oil and gas industry lobbyists. It's like he stole the idea from a John Grisham novel. GWB seemed to me to be a bit befuddled by the fact that he's president, but Cheney was always lurking in the inky shadows. Maybe, just maybe, because he was worried he might have some gravy on his tie.


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