Monday, August 30, 2004

First off, I'm one of those people that doesn't like George W. Bush, in fact , I really don't like George W. Bush. But, I don't feel particularly compelled to vote for Kerry. Why is that? I have no idea what his positions are on issues that I find important. I have little idea what his positions are on any issues at all.

So in the interest of finding out I turned to Daily Kos, surely a site such as this would give me some useful information on Kerry's position. Well, let's look at the last few posts. (I omit open threads, and I'm not going to link to each of the posts as I am too lazy)

In chronological order backwards from the time I started looking.

Get ready for heavy duty nagging
Australian General Election - October 9
Rally Stories
Pre-Convention Program
While the Republicans Fiddled
For the Doom-and-Gloomers This AM

So far, not so good. Not one post on a Kerry position. Well, it's still early, this is only the first page or so.

Sunday Talk Show Lineup
Bush: An intelligence disaster
The Numbers Don't Tell the Story
More on the Vietnam Legacy
Bush, flip-flopper: A weekend homework assignment
Implications of Spy Story
Najaf: Who Won?
The Big Apple Burnishes Its Image
New Evidence SBVT Has Peaked
ABC News Reports on theoria's troubles
Texas pol admits getting Bush into National Guard
IL-sen: Illinois Dems are insane
Trip Mines
More ammo against Swift Boat liars
Bush has blown NYC's 2012 Olympic chances
GOP moderates strike out with platform committee
RNC bloggers
Bush lies again

I'm starting to get a bit frustrated. For a blog that should be pro-Kerry they spend very little time writing about Kerry. And even less time writing about what Kerry actually thinks or will do. Maybe this is just an aberration, I should keep going further.

OK-sen: Latest Carson internals
Hypocrites in action
Bend Over And Smile
Smart vs Dumb
Revisionist History
Dick Cheney, Lord of the Manor
This Week's Polls
2004 Iraq deaths now exceed 2003 deaths
Ranks of Poverty and Uninsured Rose in 2003
GOP hates New York
July party fundraising
Haunted By Abu Ghraib
Iraq Violence Continues
Majority rules, but not on the podium
Cleland confronts Bush
GOP 527s enter fray

Well, it doesn't seem to be an aberration, but wait, what's this!

Under The Radar

Which contains the following quote.

“However, Edwards spent much of the nearly hourlong event at a Cleveland community center talking about jobs, housing assistance, small-business funding, predatory lending and post-incarceration programs, salient issues among blacks”

Ahhhh, finally a position on an issue. It's not Kerry, but it's close. And it's not really stating a position as much as a vague area of concern, but it will have to do.

I don't make a living blogging (it's a good thing), I don't even spend that much time blogging. But looking at blogs like this it's no wonder people like me don't know anything about Kerry's positions.

I was going to do the same thing with Eschaton, but I have real work to do. I looked down through and I didn't see much there.


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