Monday, May 03, 2004

By the way of exposition I present to you the following as a fine example of political doalogue in this country today. Particularly as practiced by blogs and Fox News.

Is capitalism as patriotic as Mom, the flag, and apple pie?

1) Mom - If Mom's job can be done better and cheaper by people in another country I don't see why Mom can't be replaced by foreign workers.

2) The flag - If the flag is made in China and buying it supports socialism, I'm not sure if capitalism is as patriotic as the flag. Also if the flag is on a pair of boxer shorts for sale, I'm not sure if that's patriotic or not. But the flag is undeniably for sale so I would have to say that perhaps capitalism is patriotic.

3) Apple pie - If the apples are grown in Central America maybe not. If the pie is a substandard pie made out of the cheapest available materials, then maybe not. But the ingredients are available for sale in a capitalist system, so maybe.

Let's tally the results.
Capitalism is less patriotic then Mom.
Capitalism is maybe a bit less patriotic then the flag.
Capitalism is about as patriotic as Apple pie

Making capitalism less patriotic then Mom, the flag, and apple pie taken as a whole.


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